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Malta is one country that proves how great things really do come in small packages. A Southern European country set in the Mediterranean Sea only 50 miles south of Sicily, Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world, made up of only 122 square miles. However, despite being tiny, this Mediterranean country is the ideal get-a-way spot for travellers looking for a unique spot for a warm sunny vacation. 

A Look at Malta's History
Until it's independence from Britain in 1964, Malta was ruled by a succession of different powers over the centuries. The Phoenicians, Romans, Normans, Aragonese, Spanish, French and English all ruled over this tiny country at one time or another and left in their wake buildings, cultural beliefs, and cuisine which have all combined to make Malta an interesting and beautiful country. All the above, combined with the country’s warm climate and beautiful beaches, make for a place that most tourists fall in love with.

Transportation to and in Malta
Depending on where you live, transportation to Malta is actually very simple as you can choose plane or boat to get to this lovely country. And once there, you won't find transportation much of a problem either, as you can travel around the country using public transportation, rent a car, scooter or bicycle, take a taxi or travel by foot to many interesting places. 

Finding a place to stay isn't a problem either, as you can choose between hotels, villas and even apartments with cooking facilities. However, when planning a vacation to Malta, you may want to book your accommodation early as the best places are always the first to go, and you want to ensure that you find a place to stay close to the particular activities you want to engage in and the places you want to visit. 

Places to Visit
Although the entire country is worth visiting, one of the best places is St. Julian’s. This lovely fishing village has many charming old buildings worth seeing. Those include Spinola Palace which was built in 1688. There are also many activities for people of all ages to take part in.
The capital city of Valletta is well worth seeing as this beautiful city has many historical buildings and stone streets. One of Valletta’s main attractions is St. John's Cathedral because its stunning interior is filled with beautiful ornamentation, paintings, and marble tombstones. There is also a museum where you can learn more about the Cathedral and Maltese history.
Silema is a “must” on your vacation list if you love to shop. This town is located a short distance from Valletta and has several malls as well as number of restaurants and places to stay. If you are travelling with children, then you are going to want to plan a day or two in Mellieha. It is where Popeye the musical was shot and it’s a great place to enjoy a number of child-friendly activities such as boat rides and water slides, as well Popeye performances.

Naturally Malta has a number of beaches where you can enjoy swimming and other water sports. Horseback riding is also available in Malta, as well as cruises and a number of other activities for everyone to enjoy. There are also several beautiful gardens, picnic areas, and museums where you can spend a memorable day.

Because Malta's cuisine has been influenced by so many different countries over the years, diners can enjoy menu from all over the world. Pasta and pizza abounds, as well many fish dishes, roast beef and other delicacies. Food is plentiful and easily available almost anywhere.
If you want to try true Maltese cuisine, you might want to order Maltese soup made from local herbs, green peppers, tomatoes, artichokes and aubergines and served with crusty bread. Maltese cuisine also includes Lampuka, which is pie filled with fish, tomatoes, onions, parsley peas and cauliflower, all inside a crispy pastry. There is also Bragoli which is a delicious offering of thinly sliced beef, wrapped around a stuffing made up of minced meat, egg, and bacon.

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